Our bespoke In-House SEO Training, designed for businesses, journalists, web developers, and marketing teams, goes beyond one-size-fits-all approaches. We detail explicit steps, each with instructional videos, covering analytics, technical SEO, content generation, and link building.

Recognising SEO as an ongoing journey, our course is updated regularly to ensure your team maintains optimal performance. This custom SEO training for corporate marketing teams, charities, and managers is your path to mastering SEO intricacies.

1. Introduction to SEO

  • Grasping the significance of SEO
  • Navigating SEO terms and jargon

2. Understanding Search Engines

  • Crawling, indexing, and ranking
  • Understanding search engine algorithms

3. Perfecting Keyword Research

  • Finding premium keywords
  • Utilizing keyword research tools
  • Analyzing competitors’ keywords

4. Mastering On-Page SEO

  • Metadata optimisation
  • Optimizing URL structure and navigation
  • Enhancing images and multimedia
  • Mobile SEO

5. Advancing in Off-Page SEO

  • Creating top-quality backlinks
  • Social media SEO
  • Local SEO

6. Exploring Technical SEO

  • Website speed and performance
  • XML sitemaps and Robots.txt
  • Securing Websites with HTTPS

7. Content Marketing & SEO

  • Crafting SEO-optimized content
  • Developing content marketing tactics
  • Video and visual SEO

8. Mastering the Use of SEO Tools

  • Optimizing Free SEO Tools Usage

9. Analyzing SEO Analytics and Reporting

  • Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Managing SEO Reports and Key Performance Indicators
  • Continual SEO Upkeep and Updates

10. Crafting a Winning SEO Strategy

  • Allocating SEO budgets and calculating ROI
  • Anticipating SEO’s future trends
  • Adapting to SEO evolutions

11. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Getting started with Digital Marketing
  • Discovering Various Digital Marketing Channels
  • Harmonizing SEO with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

12. SEO & AI

  • AI in SEO
  • Understanding how AI is changing SEO
  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in SEO strategy

13. Weekly Q&A Sessions and Bi-Monthly Training Workshops

  • Routine sessions for query resolution and extended support
  • solidifying knowledge and solving particular SEO challenges

14. SEO Futures & Strategy Adaptation

  • SEO Trends and Forecasts
  • Effects of Technological Progress

During our In-House SEO & Digital Marketing Training, your team will benefit from:

  1. Enhanced SEO Knowledge: Build a robust understanding of SEO and digital marketing fundamentals, enabling your team to make knowledgeable choices and execute successful strategies.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Optimize your internal SEO workflows and resource distribution, enhancing efficiency and outcomes.
  3. Optimised Website Performance: Apply top on-page and technical SEO strategies, boosting site speed, user experience, and search engine presence.
  4. Improved Organic Traffic: Employ strategic keyword identification, refine content for optimal engagement, and implement external SEO tactics to increase precise organic visits to your site.
  5. Higher Search Engine Rankings: Adopt tested methods to enhance your site’s position on search engine results, boosting visibility and drawing in more prospective clients.
  6. Measureable Results: Master the use of analytics and reporting instruments to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your SEO initiatives, enabling informed decisions for ongoing optimization.
  7. Confidence and Empowerment: Acquire the assurance to maneuver through the constantly evolving SEO terrain, adjust to market trends, and proficiently convey SEO tactics and insights to stakeholders in your organization.

Our course prepares your team with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to launch impactful SEO campaigns and boost your digital footprint. Seize this chance to advance your team’s expertise for lasting SEO success.

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

Case Studies

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112% Increase in Inbound Lead Generation Via SEO

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280% Increase In Organic Traffic

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Who Is This Training For?

Our program not only concentrates on SEO but also provides a wealth of digital marketing insights to enhance your broader marketing initiatives. It’s perfectly suited for your developers, designers, and marketers ready to elevate your SEO and digital marketing plans.

Start your SEO adventure now and let our In-House SEO & Digital Marketing Training guide you towards success.

How It Works

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Step #1: Talk to Us

Begin by scheduling a consultation to discuss with us. We’ll assess your needs and prepare a Training Needs Analysis Document tailored to your specific requirements.

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Step #2: Prepare Your Course

Begin by scheduling a consultation to discuss with us. We’ll assess your needs and prepare a Training Needs Analysis Document tailored to your specific requirements.

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Step #3: Deliver Material

Engage in a personalized consultation with you or your internal team, where you’ll benefit from courses meticulously designed to meet your needs.

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Step #4: Post Training Call

You’ll have the chance for individualized SEO training, enabling you to inquire about any SEO aspects and receive guidance on managing and optimizing your website.