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Discover the value of your keywords with our SEO Value Calculator. Input your keyword’s monthly search volume, average revenue per sale, and your website’s conversion rate to uncover the potential financial benefits of securing a place within Google’s top 10 rankings. Embrace the power of SEO to enhance traffic and elevate sales effortlessly with our user-friendly tool. Embark on your path to digital triumph now!

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We have worked out a real SEO Value example. To use this calculator, change the values below.

To underscore the value of attaining premier positions on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), consider a practical case study focused on the keyword “Sweaters London”.

In this example, our assumptions include:

  • For “Sweaters london” the monthly search volume stands at 6,600.
  • Average Sale/Enquiry Revenue: €100.
  • Website Conversion Rate is 4%.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Our SEO Value Calculator uses these inputs to estimate potential sales and revenue per SERP position, factoring in average CTRs. Here’s the summary:

  1. Position 1: At a 42% CTR, the top spot may attract roughly 2,772 monthly visitors, leading to an estimated 111 sales (4% conversion), generating a keyword value of £11,088 per month.
  2. Position 2: With a 12% CTR, this position could draw around 792 visitors. With the same conversion rate, this could result in approximately 32 sales, equating to a monthly keyword value of £3,168.
  3. Position 3: Third spot, 7% CTR: 462 visitors, ~18 sales, monthly value £1,848.
  4. Position 4: Fourth position, 5.5% CTR: 363 visitors, ~15 sales, monthly value £1,452.

Descending the list, monthly keyword value drops, with position 10 yielding just £236.

Key Takeaway

This calculator vividly demonstrates how potential revenue diminishes as rankings fall in Google’s SERPs, with a notable decline from £11,088 at position 1 to £1,452 by position 4. It underscores the importance of striving for top SERP rankings for your keywords.

Realizing these potential earnings highlights the value of investing in robust SEO strategies to enhance visibility, attract more traffic, and, ultimately, boost sales and revenue.

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FAQ – How To Use Our SEO Value Calculator

The SEO Value Calculator is designed to help you gauge the potential value of a keyword when your website secures a spot within the top 10 positions on SERPs.

The calculator operates by considering these inputs:

  • Monthly search volume for the chosen keyword
  • Average income from each sale or enquiry
  • Conversion rate of your website

It calculates estimated visitors, potential sales or enquiries, and monthly revenue by applying standard click-through rates (CTR) for each SERP position.

Monthly Search Volume indicates the average monthly searches for a specific keyword, highlighting its popularity and demand.

Should your website’s performance fall short of these estimates, it could stem from issues like subpar content, inadequate website design, high bounce rates, or ineffective SEO practices. In such instances, consulting an SEO specialist to identify and address these challenges could prove beneficial. Riordan SEO offers ethical SEO services across London, and throughout UK, ensuring nationwide support for optimizing your online presence.

Your Website Conversion Rate represents the proportion of visitors who take a desired action on your site. This metric can be tracked using web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

Although the calculator offers a valuable estimation, its results hinge on industry-standard CTRs and your inputs for monthly search volume, average revenue, and conversion rate. Real-world outcomes may diverge owing to factors like fluctuations in CTRs, competitive dynamics, website quality, industry movements, and beyond.

Certainly, provided you possess the essential data—monthly search volume for the keyword, average revenue per sale/enquiry, and your website’s conversion rate—the calculator can be employed to assess potential keyword values across any industry or geographical area.

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