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In this insightful case study, we will unveil our precise SEO strategy that led to outstanding results, including a 500% increase in search traffic and a 60% boost in transactions. Discover…

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What Is A PPC Agency?

Google Awords Management Specialists

As a leading PPC agency in London, we excel in crafting and managing bespoke paid advertising strategies. Specialising in Google AdWords, our approach is designed to leverage the platform’s extensive reach and superior ROI, setting us apart in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.

Our PPC campaigns harness the power of precisely targeted advertisements, positioned prominently above organic search outcomes across crucial websites. This strategic placement ensures our ads gain maximum visibility, significantly outperforming standard organic search results in terms of engagement.

Our PPC strategy integrates SEO insights and targeted keywords, ensuring campaigns attract and convert leads effectively. Experience growth in London’s competitive digital landscape with our holistic approach.

Google Adwords Agency

google reviews white bg PPC Agency London

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We offer Google AdWords management services across London and internationally.

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Why Invest In Google Adwords?

  • Brand Awareness: Effective Google AdWords management boosts brand visibility in London. PPC advertising is a proven method for sparking interest in new offerings, providing immediate exposure beyond organic search traffic.
  • Lead Generation: Our London-based PPC services excel in driving lead generation. Tailoring campaigns to target demographics with the highest interest in your products, we also design effective landing pages, converting more visitors into customers.
  • Website Traffic: Unlike typical PPC agencies in London, we excel by channeling precisely the kind of traffic that matches your sales funnel’s needs—ensuring each advertising pound is invested in visitors not just browsing, but ready to engage and convert.
  • Customer Acquisition: Trust in our specialised Google Ads management to direct finely-targeted traffic your way. We turn clicks into customers through strategic keyword selection and optimal campaign adjustments, enhancing your advertising returns and maximizing the value of your digital marketing investments.
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Achieve Superior Outcomes with a Trusted PPC Agency

Our Approach

At Riordan SEO, we possess deep insights into Google’s criteria for ad cost-per-click and placement, ensuring our PPC management services in London position your advertisements prominently, outshining competitors without excessive expense. Google Ads stands out by offering increased sales for minimal effort, a benchmark not easily matched by alternative marketing strategies. Partnering with our esteemed PPC agency guarantees not just visibility but a significant uptick in lead generation, leveraging our expertise for your unparalleled digital success.

Adwords Agency London

As London’s go-to Google AdWords management agency, we pride ourselves on serving businesses across multiple sectors, each with its unique set of objectives. Our approach is results-driven; we meticulously tailor our PPC management services to align with your specific needs. Before crafting compelling ad copy, we thoroughly review your website, ensuring it’s perfectly primed for PPC success. Reach out for cost-effective Google ads management solutions designed to elevate your online presence.

PPC Management Agency

Crafting a thriving PPC campaign in London’s competitive market is a complex endeavour, demanding thorough research into keywords, competitors, and customer behaviour. It also necessitates a clear understanding of your objectives, whether boosting brand visibility or driving sales through lead generation. Engaging with a seasoned and certified AdWords agency, well-versed in the nuances of the London market, enables you to harness the full potential of pay-per-click advertising effortlessly. This approach opens the door to numerous benefits:

  • Effective Keyword Research: Keywords are pivotal in attracting your desired audience through ads, necessitating a comprehensive selection process. Opting for inaccurate keywords can rapidly deplete your marketing budget without yielding the anticipated outcomes. Our expertise in keyword research enhances your ads’ relevance, ensuring your investment is efficiently converted into tangible results.
  • High-Quality Ad Sales Copy: In addition to meticulous keyword selection, the effectiveness of your ads heavily relies on compelling sales copy that captures your target audience’s interest. Leveraging our extensive marketing experience, we craft superior advertisement content designed to make your ads more noticeable and appealing, thereby increasing click-through rates.
  • Efficient Tracking and Analytics: Understanding what to track in your Google AdWords campaign is crucial for its success, and that’s where our expertise shines. We equip your campaign with the essential tracking codes, enabling us to monitor its performance meticulously. This data not only informs us about the effectiveness of your ads but also aids in fine-tuning your campaign strategies, ensuring an optimized return on your investment.
  • Optimised Campaign Settings: Navigating the complexities of Google Ads settings can be daunting, from selecting the right bidding strategy and budget to scheduling and choosing appropriate locations and languages, among many other intricate details. Our expertise lies in optimising these settings to perfectly align with your business goals, ensuring your campaign is not just set up for success but also tailored to meet your specific objectives efficiently.
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Frequently Asked Question

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a model where advertisers pay for each click on their ads. Google AdWords, a popular platform, allows for ads on Google’s search results and other places. Paid ads often appear above organic search results, increasing visibility. PPC also extends to video ads on YouTube and display ads on websites, offering a broad reach.

Google AdWords offers the opportunity for businesses to feature sponsored ads within search results pages. These ads are prominently displayed at the top and side of the page when a user searches for a relevant keyword. The advertiser is charged a predetermined fee each time someone clicks on their ad, leading them to a chosen landing page. The cost per click is influenced by the keyword’s competition level, with higher costs for more sought-after keywords and lower costs for more niche categories.

Google’s PPC ads provide a flexible approach to search engine marketing, allowing advertisers to customize their campaigns to meet specific objectives, whether that’s increasing leads, boosting site visits, or targeting particular demographics and geographic areas. Advertisers can set their budget, choose the campaign’s start time, and adjust their strategy to optimize performance and meet their marketing goals.

Initiating a Google AdWords PPC campaign begins with defining your marketing objective. Google AdWords caters to a variety of goals, such as boosting sales, generating leads, increasing website traffic, promoting apps, enhancing brand awareness, and fostering product or brand consideration.

Upon selecting your goal, Google suggests the most suitable campaign type to achieve it. The choices include search, display, shopping, video, and app campaigns, each influencing the placement of your ads. Typically, businesses opt for search campaigns, positioning their ads directly in Google search results.

The process also involves selecting appropriate keywords, determining a budget, and officially launching your campaign. Crucially, effective search engine marketing doesn’t stop here; ongoing monitoring and adjustments are essential to refine your strategy and ensure continued success.

PPC advertising presents distinct benefits compared to search engine optimization (SEO), primarily offering immediate visibility online. Utilizing AdWords PPC ads, websites gain instant exposure to internet users, bypassing the lengthy periods often required for SEO efforts to manifest in increased website traffic. The moment a PPC campaign is activated, ads start to appear, eliminating any waiting time for visibility.

Moreover, search engine marketing (SEM) grants advertisers enhanced flexibility and budget control, enabling businesses of any size to initiate a PPC campaign tailored to their financial capacity.

While SEO is invaluable for fostering user engagement and organic traffic growth over time, PPC stands out as the most effective method for swiftly attracting website visitors, striking a balance between immediate impact and budgetary considerations.

Google AdWords provides four primary types of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads:

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Video ads
  • Shopping ads

The choice of ad type in your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy should align with your specific business goals. Most businesses gravitate towards search ads, which are text-based advertisements displayed on Google’s search results pages. These ads target users actively searching for related keywords, making them highly effective for driving targeted traffic.

Additionally, the “Search Network with Display Select” (SNDS) campaign is a hybrid option that combines the precision of search ads with the broad reach of display ads. SNDS places text ads both in Google’s search results and across websites within the GDN, offering a balanced approach to reach users across different stages of the customer journey.

The cost of using Google AdWords for advertisements is tailored to your budget, allowing you to dictate your daily spend on search engine marketing. For instance, if you set your daily budget to £60, Google will cease to display your ads once your expenditure reaches this amount for the day.

You’re charged on a per-click basis, with no obligation for a minimum budget. The average cost per click can range from £0.60 to £2.50, influenced by the popularity of the selected keyword for your PPC ad. Keywords in high demand typically carry a higher cost per click. Employing a PPC agency in the UK can ensure your budget is efficiently allocated, directing your spend towards the most appropriate audience and maximizing your advertising effectiveness.

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